Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal


Why are cosmetic tattoos different to traditional tattoos?


The ink used in cosmetic tattoos is significantly different from traditional body art tattoo ink. When cosmetic artists need to get just the right colour, they mix various different pigments together to get exactly the right shade. Generally, they are made up of browns, yellows and reds, each base derived from either synthetic or heavy metals. This means you could have two, three, four or more pigment colours in the ink used for your tattoo that are each individually designed to break down over time. You may have noticed people with blue, peach or purple eyebrows? Chances are that they have had cosmetic eyebrow tattooing with cheap pigments that contain unstable colours; meaning each colour base has faded at a different rate leaving a different colour behind. Because of such factors, using laser on cosmetic tattoo can be tricky unless your technician has the underlying knowledge and experience. Different laser wavelengths target different colours and some lasers are incapable of treating certain colours. You may be left with a colour that your clinician cannot remove simply because their device is not capable. Alternatively, if the wrong setting is used the pigment can turn black. Hence, cosmetic tattoo removal needs special care when treating. At OMB, our trained laser technician are also highly experienced in laser treatments, and will be able to give you the best advice for your treatment.


What makes OH MY BROW your best choice for cosmetic tattoo removal?


There are only a few laser systems, that are FDA approved for the safe removal of cosmetic tattoos. Today, the most widely practiced tattoo removal technique by far involves the use of medical lasers. The Q Swiched laser for tattoo removal is an extremely effective means of removing unwanted tattoos. By having a total of four different wavelengths, we are able to maximise your chance of removing your cosmetic tattoo effectively. The Q Switched laser uses an ultra-fast shockwave that shatters the tattoo ink into the tiniest particles. The resulting tiny fragments are removed by the body’s natural lymphatic system which naturally cleanses the ink out of the body. The treated area scabs over and after several days, the scab falls off taking the ink with it.  Some colours are more responsive than others and multiple treatment sessions are required. Many factors influence the final result and this can be explained at your appointment. The number of sessions required varies and sessions are usually spaced at six to eight week intervals. If for any reason laser is not an option, we are able to provide you will alternate non-laser methods of removal.The first step is simply contacting us for your initial tattoo removal consultation, where we will discuss with you what is a realistic and achievable outcome, and what to expect from your treatment.